Buffer Account – Reconciliation

Reconciliation file details

Contis creates a reconciliation file at the end of the business day containing all authorisation records posted to the client’s URL that day. The file is put into the SFTP folder to be picked up.

Clients can verify all authorisations of specific day(s) and settle accordingly using this daily reconciliation file on that basis.

The reconciliation file will be a tab separated .csv file.

Filename format: [SchemeCode]_Auth_[ddMMyyyyHHmmss].csv

File availability time: Every day between 02h00 to 03h00 (UK time). Time is configurable.

The file can be configured as follows:

  • Maximum of 5000 records in one file
  • One reconciliation file every day (according to file schedule)

Clients must contact Contis to configure the file.

Sample reconciliation File


Fields in reconciliation file

CardIDMInteger Card ID value that is sent in the authorisation.
AuthorizationIDMInteger Unique ID for authorisation that is sent in the authorisation request.

Authorised Amount value that is sent in the authorisation request. Amount is in minor unit.

For Example: Value = 11.20, then

AuthorizationAmount field value = 1120

(i.e., 11.20*100)

AcceptorNameLocationMString64Name and Location of acceptor that is sent in the authorisation.
AcceptorCountryCodeMInteger Acceptor’s Country Code value that is sent in the authorisation.
AuthorizationTypeMString2Authorisation Type value that is sent in the authorisation.

Final decision on the authorisation,

Its Value = 1 (i.e. true) or 0 (i.e. false).

IsSTIPMBool If the authorisation was not made in the agreed time scale, then the value will either be 1 (i.e. true), or 0 (i.e. false).
AcceptorIDMString15Acceptor identifier that is sent in the authorization.
MerchantCategoryCodeMInteger Merchant category code value that is sent in authorization
IsAuthorizationRequestedMBool Whether authorization was requested real time to client or not
DeclineReasonOString500Why particular authorization was declined. This field will be blank in case authorization is approved