User status change notification

Contis API service notifies client whenever the status of the consumer is changed.

User status change notifications

Parameters Type Description Default value
NotificationType String Three-digit unique identifier of notification. Numeric value “054” denotes the Authorisation notification. Blank
CardHolderID integer Unique identifier of the consumer
OldStatus String Two-digit unique identifier that denotes the “status of the consumer” before the status is changed. 00
NewStatus String Two-digit unique identifier that identifies the “status of the consumer” after status is changed. 00
StatusChangeDate integer The date and time of change of the user’s status. The format of date is yyyyMMddHHmmss. Maximum length = 14 characters.

Example User Status Change notification

The table shows an example of an authorisation notification.

Parameter name Value
NotificationType 054
CardHolderID 11
OldStatus 1
NewStatus 5
StatusChangeDate 20180927213756

To Generate the Security Hash

Hash sequence : NotificationType&CardHolderId&OldUserStatus&NewUserStatus&StatusChangeDate&HashPAN Key