SEPA Credit Transfer – List of APIs to be used

Dev portal controller Web method name Description
Transfer GetSepaBankAccountSetupCountries To add new recipients with relevant data.
  • Get group value based on country
ListRecipients In case of existing recipients
  •  List all recipients linked to a consumer
  •  Get the RecipientBankReferenceID
GetSpecificRecipient In case of an existing recipient
  • Get a specific recipient based on RecipientBankReferenceID
AddRecipient To add recipient if the recipient does not exist
  •  Use BankAccountTypeID=3 (SEPA)
  •  Use combination based on the group value received from GetSepaBankAccountSetupCountries 1 = Sort Code and Account Number 2 = IBAN AND BIC 4 = BIC(SWIFT) and Account Number 8 =NCC and Account Number
  •  TransferTypeID=15 (SEPA Payment)
  •  Get the RecipientBankReferenceID
BankTransfer Based on the RecipientBankReferenceID
  •  RecipientBankReferenceID
  •  TransferTypeID=15 (SEPA Payment)