Open banking introduction

What is the Open Banking?

Contis has partnered with Token.IO to deliver our Open Banking solution.

As part of the authorisation process, Token will be handing-off the Payment Service User (PSU) to Contis, Contis will
then collect and validate the username and password of the PSU.

Contis will develop the Authorize page to identify the PSU by providing their username/password with SCA (Strong
Customer Authentication). This will be used by Token to authorize PSU.

As Contis does not hold the username and password of your customer, Contis needs to pass this information, to you, in a
secure manner.  You will then need to validate the details and send a response back to Contis for us to authorize the
PSU.  To support this process Contis has developed the following APIs:

  1. VerifyConsumerCredential.
  2. OTPWebhook to receive OTP if required by Client.
  3. BlockConsumerLogin.