Canvas Portal – Login

Document purpose

This document is intended to provide a non-technical audience with an understanding of the Contis Portal Login element in the end-user journey.

About the Contis Portal Login end-user journey

The Login to a payment account requires Two Factor Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). Note: Contis can perform the 2nd SCA factor which is limited to OTP via SMS only.

The Portal/App Journey workflow

The Canvas Portal login end-user journey

Step 1 – Customer opens the Portal

The customer opens the Canvas Portal.

Step 2 – Two Factor SCA is required for the customer to login.

The customer enters their username and password and triggers the One-Time Passcode (OTP).

Step 3 – Enter One-Time Passcode (OTP)

Customer enters the One-Time Passcode (OTP) received via SMS.

Step 4 – Customer recognised/Not recognised

After the customer performs the SCA, there are two outcomes:

  • Success (Recognised) – continue to Step 7 – Login successfully completed.
  • Fail (Not recognised) – continue to Step 5 – Retry SCA factor.

Step 5 – Retry SCA factor

If the first attempt at the SCA fails, the customer can try again:

  • Try again – return to Step 2 – SCA required.
  • Fail (maximum attempts exceeded will result in an Account Access Block) – continue to Step 6 – Account Access blocked.

Step 6 – Account Access blocked

After exceeding the maximum number of SCA attempts, the customer is directed to the Account Access Blocked error screen – instructing them to ring customer services.

Step 7 – Login successfully completed

The login has been successful, and the customer is directed to the Transactions landing screen.