Upcoming Changes

Release Date: 6th Dec 2022

In order to aid in the reconciliation of transactions, the following changes will be made:

Authorisation Webhook

  • Addition of new field “AuthorizationID

Buffer webhook

  • Addition of new field “CardTransactionID

Please note, the CardTransactionID parameter in the Buffer webhook will reference the same value as the TransactionID parameter within the Authorisation webhook.

  • CardTransactionID is currently provided in the Buffer Authorisation web call. Its addition into the Buffer webhook payload will permit tracking from the initial Buffer web call, subsequent Buffer webhook, and the following Authorization webhook (via the TransactionID parameter).
  • AuthorizationID is currently provided within the Buffer web call and webhook payloads. It is being added to the Authorisation webhook to provide a further means of linking the information received together.

Introduction of Digital Card renewal webhook

As digital cards are automatically expired and renewed, a new webhook will be introduced, informing partners of a digital card renewal, which will include the following information:

  • The renewed card ID.
  • The renewed card number.
  • Whether a new physical card has also been issued.

Release Date: TBC

Authorisation Webhook

To enhance the data received on the Authorisation Webhook, the following changes will be made:

  • Adding new field “LocalAmount”
  • Breaking change to “AuthorisedAmount” to always contain a value for Unauthorised or Declined transactions, and not to contain null.