W2Global Data eKYC – Introduction

What is the W2Global Data?

W2 provide a wide range of Platform as a Service (PaaS) based screening tools to help organisations conduct regulatory Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Fraud prevention due diligence. Services include ID and Age verification, PEP and Sanctions screening, document verification, facial comparison, device location and reputation management. W2 have access to the world’s most robust data providers to ensure that our clients get intuitive, real-time access to reliable, up to date information.

Contis and W2 Global

Contis has entered into a partnership with W2 Global to provide AML and KYC services to support customer onboarding and ongoing compliance. Contis has created an onboarding journey that:

  • Check’s whether the applicants email address has been used for fraudulent purposes
  • Checks the address provided is valid
  • Checks the applicant is registered on the voters roll (UK) or on an equivalent database for non-UK
  • Checks applicant details against PEPS and Sanctions lists
  • Captures a government issued document and checks it for validity
  • Captures a selfie and provides a comparison to the image on the government issued document (Document Verification Facial Comparison – DVFC).

Following these checks Contis will provide the client with a decision on the application, the decision will be

Pass : Account has been opened and the user will be able to log-in to their account using the details provided during the application
Refer : Additional detail is required and the applicant will be approached to provide this. Once received, Contis will review and make a decision on whether the account can be opened.
Fail : Application has been declined and an account cannot be offered.