• Fixed a bug whereby additional space characters were appended to the PassportNumber field on the Consumer/AddConsumers endpoint.
  • Special characters (‘%’, ‘&’ etc.) are now no longer accepted in the PassportNumber field on the Consumer/AddAdditionalConsumer and Consumer/AddAdditionalConsumerWithAccount endpoints. If any special characters are included the endpoints now return a HTTP 400 Bad request response with the appropriate error detail.
The RecipientFriendlyName parameter on the P2P/AddRecipient endpoint will now accept a value of up to 50 characters (from 25 previously) to accommodate longer values which may be provided. This aligns the limit with that of the BankAccountHolderName parameter on the Transfer/AddRecipient endpoint.

June 28th

  • For accounts with a status of “Suspended”, clients can now self-serve via the API to update customer address information and issue new cards, speeding up this process and removing manual work.
  • If configured, the Account Status Change notification will in addition to existing workflows, now be sent in the following scenarios:
    • When an account has its statuses changed to “Closed”.
    • When the account is suspected by the client of suspected fraudulent activity and is changed to “Closed”.
    • When an account with a zero balance which has been inactive for 30 days or more has the only card assigned to the account cancelled by the cardholder.

June 9th

  • The Authorisation webhook ActionDetail for scenarios when a card limit is exceeded, has been amended to provide the correct description as this was previously incorrect.
  • Clients can now be informed via the Account Status Change and User Status Change webhooks when an account’s application is passed (due to no risk) or declined (due to risk).
  • For Latvian, Lithuanian or Luxembourg addresses it is no longer mandatory to include alpha characters at the start of post codes when a user is registered, or their address is amended.

Webhook updates

WebHooks name Note
Authorisation New response parameter added. Parameter name : POSEntryMode
Pending authorisation auto release New response parameter added. Parameter name : ReleasedAmount
Transaction New response parameters added. Parameter names :
  • BusinessApplicationIdentifier
  • IsFastFund

Updated APIs with controls

Dev portal controller Web method name Note
Consumer AddConsumers New Request Parameter Added Parameter Name : EncryptedPIN
Card RequestNewCard

Webhook updates

WebHooks name Note
Authorisation New response parameter added. Parameter name : IsReversal