Welcome to the Contis Developer Portal

At Contis, we are passionate about helping you bring your business to life in the fastest and easiest way possible. Our API Developer Portal has all the documentation and support you need to get started.

Welcome to the world of Contis APIs

Contis APIs are REST-based with resource-oriented URLs and use HTTP-based response codes.

Get started

Contis helps you provide essential banking services for your clients – from creating accounts, to issuing payment cards and everything in between. Follow our Quick-start guide to start building your integration.

Integrating Contis into your platform can begin as soon as you create a Contis account, requiring only three steps:

  1. Obtain your API keys so Contis can authenticate your API requests.
  2. Test your integration in our Sandbox environment.
  3. Deploy your integration in our Production environment.

Read the Quick-start guide and Glossary to learn more about the API and the terms used in documentation.

Securing sensitive information

As per PCI DSS regulations, we use the highest industry encryption standards to protect sensitive information such as card numbers and account information. Click here for more information about Encryption.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

If you need more help with the API, please email our support team here.

If you are looking to get on board with Contis, then please contact our Sales Team here.

Our services

To find out more about how Contis can help you and your customers, please visit the main Contis website.


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