Card status change notification

The Contis API service generates a notification whenever the status of the card is changed and posts it on client’s URL. The notification contains information about:

  • Change in status of the card
  • The date and time when status was changed

The client is notified whenever the status of the card is changed to:

  • Normal
  • Blocked due to PIN tries exceeded
  • Lost
  • Stolen
  • Issuer cancelled
  • Blocked
  • CVV2 tries exceeded
Table shows the parameters of notification about card status change
Parameters Type Description Default value
NotificationType string Three-digit unique identifier of the notification. Numeric value “021” denotes the Card Status Change notification. Blank
StatusChangeDate string The date and time when the status of the card is changed. The format is yyyyMMddHHmmss. Maximum length = 14 characters.
CardHolderID integer Unique indentifer of the consumer.
CardId integer Unique identifier of the card.
AccountNumber string Eight-digit account number of the consumer. 00000000
CardNumber string The 16-digit card number with readable first and last four digits and obscured eight digits in the middle. 0000-****-****-0000
OldCardStatus integer Two-digit unique identifier of the “status of the card” before the status is changed. 00
NewCardStatus integer Two-digit unique identifier of the “status of the card” after status is changed. 00
SecurityHash string String value generated through hash logic with all of the above parameters(To verify the values posted on URL) Blank

The Table shows look up values for different status of the card, e.g. value “10” denotes that a card is blocked.

Card status Description
01 Unblock a blocked card or activate an inactive card
02 Blocked due to PIN tries exceeded
10 Block
05 Lost
06 Stolen
08/31 Cancelled
34 CVV2 Tries Exceeded

Example of blocked card notification

This is an example of notification about a blocked card. The status of the card is changed from Active (01) to Blocked (10).

Parameter name Value
NotificationType 021
StatusChangeDate 20160512063343
CardHolderId 48142
CardId 7461
AccountNumber 00824023
CardNumber 4745-****-****-3452
OldCardStatus 01
NewCardStatus 10
Security Hash 411c47ef10e04a90086de417d73ffbce

To generate the Security Hash

Hash sequence :
NotificationType&StatusChangeDate&CardHolderId&CardId&AccountNumber&CardNumber&OldCardStatus&NewCardStatus&HashPAN Key

HashDataString :021&20160512063343&48142&7461&00824023&4745-****-****-3452&01&10&
SecurityKey : abcdefghijklmnop
HashGenerationData : HashDataString + SecurityKey
Hash : 411c47ef10e04a90086de417d73ffbce

Note: In this example, the SecurityKey = is the “Hash PAN Key” provided to the client in the API configuration file.

JSON Example

   "NotificationType" : "021",
   "StatusChangeDate" : "20160512063343",
   "CardHolderId" : "48142",
   "CardId" : "7461",
   "AccountNumber" : "00824023",
   "CardNumber" : "4745-****-****-3452",
   "OldCardStatus" : "01",
   "NewCardStatus" : "10",
   "SecurityHash" : "411c47ef10e04a90086de417d73ffbce"

Notification types summary

Notification Description type TypeCode
Card status change

To send notification on card status changes to:

  1. Block
  2. Unblock
  3. Block due to PIN tries exceeded