Portal-only appendix

SCA events and exemptions

The table below identifies which customer actions require SCA. Contis as the regulated entity has full control over the use of exemptions and implements these where applicable.

Account LoginYesYesIf can only see balance or <90 days transactions, then SCA not required but 2FA SCA on login must have been performed in the last 90 days to use this exemption
Change address onlineYesNo 
Change mobile onlineYesNo 
Card Spend – ContactlessYesYesLimited by amount of all consecutive Contactless transactions
Card Spend – Online (includes stored card details)YesYesTransactional Risk Analysis

Bank Transfer/

Payment Out of Account

P2P/Internal Transfers – Send via mobile no, email or username

YesYesTrusted Beneficiary, Low Value Limit
Creation/changing a standing orderYesNo 
Trusted beneficiary added/changed/removed for payments/transfersYesNoOne payment to be made, before functionality available to customer

It won’t be possible to predict for all transactions whether SCA will apply (or not), or if an exemption is available. For example, the low-value limit is set to EUR30, but not all amounts less than this will be exempted.

The use of exemptions is discretionary and also certain exemptions are only permissible where fraud levels remain under prescribed limits. Therefore, the use of exemptions is always subject to change by Contis.