Request to Pay (Ordo)


What is the Request to pay?

  • Contis has partnered with Ordo pay to deliver the Request to pay solution.
  • Ordo Pay service allows Contis API clients to set their customers up with biller accounts and send ‘Smart Requests’ to request payments.
  • Bank account information is completely confidential, with no risk of invoice fraud, or bank details being changed by fraudsters.
  • API Client’s Customer’s will be able to set themselves up as a biller and generate a biller-ID, details will be stored, securely by OrdoPay.
  • Once registered a biller will be able to create a ‘Smart Request’ asking for payment. The ‘Smart Request’ will be produced by OrdoPay, using the details provided by the biller.
  • Request to pay option will work only for GBP Schemes.


  • When any Contis API clients wants to use Ordo Pay service they need to contact contis API support team.
  • API support team will set ordo pay feature ON and create ordo pay subscription for API client.
  • Once the subscription is created API client will develop their own customer journey using the Contis APIs available under Ordo pay Controller.